I recently completed my PhD dissertation concerning nested loop parallelization on distributed shared memory architectures at the Computing Systems Laboratory (CSLab) of NTUA. This section is dedicated to my research interests and academic stuff, in general.

phd thesis

I cannot imagine how a PhD thesis written in Greek and concerning Methods and Techniques for the Automatic Generation of Parallel Code for Nested Loop Algorithms could be of any use to most visitors of this page, but nevertheless here it is (PDF format, 3.3 MB).


In the Parallel and Distributed Systems Group (PDSG) of CSLab we are particularly interested in Parallel Processing and High Performance Computing. Ocassionally, we come up with original ideas and present them in relevant international refereed conferences and journals. Here are some of our scientific publications, should anyone be interested (ps -- PostScript format, pdf -- PDF format, bib -- BibTex entry, doi -- Digital Object Identifier):








Here are also some presentations relevant to our research interests: