Obviously, the web is a huge place. Suggesting a small subset of links is probably pointless. However, as homepages tend to contain such stuff, this section mentions some URLs I have found interesting, informative or even entertaining. Please note, some of them are in Greek. Currently, there are links about research, parallel processing, linux, sony vaio, documentation, news, peer-to-peer, cinema - music - sports, games and chat.

education | research

Here are some links, that are more or less academic-oriented. Mainly stuff that I find useful while doing my PhD thesis, and of course, I do have to put in a good word about my hosts :-)

parallel processing

Because of my research, I am mainly interested in Parallel Processing and High Performance Computing. These are some links about two major parallel programming APIs, namely the Message Passing Interface (MPI) and OpenMP, a shared memory multi-threading API. I have also added references to certain home pages of people, whose great work in the field has attracted my attention. Please note that by no means is this list meant to be exhaustive or even broad enough, a lot of additional links should be in here (hope that nobody gets offended :-)
MPI OpenMP People


For everything I do on my PC, I use the Linux OS (ok, make that everything serious I do, there are games of course, as well...). I find Linux a very robust and reliable OS, so here are some Linux-related URLs, as a tribute to its loyal services:
admin docs software misc

sony vaio

Since March 2006 I am the happy owner of a Sony VAIO VGN-FE11S notebook. I am quite content with its performance and reliability, and for the time being its configuration fully covers my needs (CPU: Intel Core Duo T2400 1.83 GHz 667 MHz FSB, RAM: 1 GB 533 MHz DDR2, GPU: GeForce Go 7400 256 MB shared memory, HDD: 160 GB 4200 RPM SATA, Screen: 15.4'' WXGA X-black LCD). However, the installation of Fedora Core Linux OS has not been trivial, although it has been significantly simplified from FC4 to FC6 I am currently using. Here are some links I found useful in respect to this issue.


An attempt for providing some good CS documentation resources would obviously result to a list much longer than this one. Nevertheless, here's a short list of various interesting URLs, which I hope to keep on updating and incrementing:


Personally, I am very distrustful as far as news resources are concerned. Nevertheless, here are some related URLs, all of which concern news coverage in Greek (sorry :-)

p2p | downloading

Peer2peer network technology is in my opinion an amazing advancement, although a bit controversial from a legal point of view. Well, following resources are (yet) publicly available anyway:


Another not-as-wide-as-meant-to-be section, concerns mostly DVD/VCD/MPEG-4 playback, DVD ripping and transcoding, subtitle viewing, though lots more of illuminating info can be obtained in some of the URLs proposed:
howto software subtitles misc

cinema | music | sports

Heavily subjective section :-) As you can tell, I am a Metal fan and a dedicated Panathinaikos supporter. I do try to keep it as unbiased as possible in the cinema part, though.


For me, the bright side of PCs. No deadlines, no stress, no bureaucratic manmonth-related crap: just entertainment. I generally prefer RPGs, but I also like other game genres, as well.


Internet chatting is fun, in order to relax and to keep in touch with friends that are either too busy or too far away (or both). Personally, I mostly use msn and googletalk, as my friends "reside" there.