My personal web page at CSLab

The baseline design of this page is credited to nodethirtythree and to the Open Source Web Design project. This time, however, I decided to take the leap and to substantially modify it, in order to create a more eye-catching and modern page. Basically, I have only kept the header and the color theme from the original design, which I found lovely already. I have run through a considerable refactoring of the HTML and CSS code (to the extent of being almost “handmade”), in order to become more readable and editable, using my favorite Emacs editor (I know, some of my colleagues may go crazy with that).

Finally, I decided to go with HTML5, because as Google states it, it rocks. Although I do not definitely rock with HTML5 (and web design, in general), I did take advantage of some new features (e.g., gradient backgrounds) and hope to exploit more in the future.

Hope you also enjoy this page!