Tips on Class Reviews and Presentations
M123: Distributed Systems, Spring 2016

(adapted from Dr. Indranil Gupta's CS525 Spring 2015 class notes from

Tips for Preparing a Presentation (Do improvise!): Typically, 15-20 slides per paper. 2-4 slides on motivation and background, 5-7 slides on core ideas of the paper, 3-5 slides on experimental data. 2-4 slides on your thoughts/criticisms/questions/discussion points about the paper.

Tips for Writing a Review (Do improvise!): 2 pages max (total). For each paper, 1 paragraph on the core idea of the paper, followed by list of pros and cons of the approach, your thoughts on how the paper can be further developed, and any questions/criticisms/thoughts/doubts/wanderings about the paper. Please take into account the time the paper was written (accepted) in your critique.