The DEFACTO project seeks to create a computational framework for thedesign of interactive story systems (ISS). ISS are a new, computer-based art form, providing experiences that are both meaningfully interactive and good stories. The result of DEFACTO will be the development of a design framework for creating a new, widely accessible generation of ISS, that strike a balance between interactivity and coherence. We expect this framework to form the basis for designing a multitude of innovative products that will give a significant advantage to the European cultural industry.

During the first phase of the project, NTUA will develop story-weaving techniques for ISS. UoE will develop flexible planning techniques for dynamic natural language generation in these systems. Finally, MCOM will develop dynamic multimedia interface management techniques for ISS in a World Wide Web environment. The result of the first phase will be the creation and management of a small interactive travel story inspired by the Greek mythology.
The second phase will broaden the capabilities of these modules and integrate them into a computational framework for ISS design.


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