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Selected Publications

  • Jose Renato Santos, Yoshio Turner, G. Janakiraman, Ian Pratt. Bridging the Gap between Software and Hardware Techniques for I/O Virtualization .2008 USENIX Annual Technical Conference. 2008 (pdf)
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  • Kostadis Roussos. Storage virtualization gets smart .Queue. 2007 (pdf)
  • Aydan R. Yumerefendi and Jeffrey S. Chase. Strong Accountability for Network Storage.5th USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies. 2007 (pdf)
  • Aravind Menon and Alan L. Cox and Willy Zwaenepoel. Optimizing Network Virtualization in Xen .2006 USENIX Annual Technical Conference. 2006 (pdf)
  • Abramson, Darren and Jackson, Jeff and Muthrasanallur, Sridhar and Neiger, Gil and Regnier, Greg and Sankaran, Rajesh and Schoinas, Ioannis and Uhlig, Rich and Vembu, Balaji and Wiegert, John. Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O .Intel Technology Journal. 2006. (pdf)
  • Taf Anthias and Krishna Sankar. The network's new role .Queue. 2006 (pdf)
  • Jiuxing Liu and Wei Huang and Bulent Abali and Dhabaleswar K. Panda. High performance VMM-bypass I/O in virtual machines .ATEC '06: Proceedings of the annual conference on USENIX '06 Annual Technical Conference. 2006 (pdf)
  • Paul Barham and Boris Dragovic and Keir Fraser and Steven Hand and Tim Harris and Alex Ho and Rolf Neugebauer and Ian Pratt and Andrew Warfield. Xen and the art of virtualization .SOSP '03: Proceedings of the nineteenth ACM symposium on Operating systems principles. 2003 (pdf)
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